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Perseverance: The Bridge to a Latina Mother’s Dream by Iris V. Fernández


Xolo Score 4.5/5


Iris V. Fernández’s memoir, Perseverance: The Bridge to a Latina Mother’s Dream, is an inspiring testament to the unyielding spirit and resilience of a Nuyorican mother navigating the challenges of raising a family at a young age and pursuing a nursing career. Fernández’s story is not just a personal narrative but a universal tale of struggle, determination, and ultimate triumph that resonates deeply with readers. From the very first page, Fernández draws us into her world with a candid recounting of her years living in New York and Connecticut, creating metaphorical bridges for herself that lead her toward stability.




The strength of Perseverance lies in its raw honesty. Fernández does not shy away from discussing her hardships, including cultural barriers, financial difficulties, and abusive relationships. She makes a point to enrich the memoir with vivid anecdotes and personal reflections. Fernández consistently sought help and avenues to meet her needs and goals, but often, the people and systems meant to help impeded her progress because they quickly judged her for her and her circumstances. In these tough moments, we see the challenges of balancing family responsibilities with personal aspirations, the pain of discrimination, and the resilience required to overcome systemic obstacles.

One of the most compelling aspects of the memoir is its roots in Fernández’s Puerto Rican cultural identity. She beautifully weaves in elements of her Latina heritage, providing readers with a deeper understanding of the cultural context that shaped her journey. She makes a point to spotlight researching the decolonized history of Puerto Rico. And understanding her cultural roots are Spanish, Black, and Taíno. Although Spanish colonizers attempted to erase their existence when they intentionally stopped documenting their status on census data, Fernández embraces her island’s complete history. This cultural lens adds depth to her story, highlighting the unique strengths that come with her background.

Perseverance is more than just a memoir; it is a source of inspiration. Among the many challenges Fernández surpasses in pursuit of her goals, a pivotal one is escaping domestic violence. There were many moments of triumph and catastrophe throughout this journey. It’s an accurate portrayal of the nonlinear progression that it takes to leave such difficult circumstances successfully. The memoir serves as a testament that you are worth pursuing your goals. And that nothing can stop you from achieving them through work, resilience, and an unwavering belief in yourself.

Perseverance is a raw and profound celebration of resilience that is relatable and inspiring.

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