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Four Eids and a Funeral

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Ages: 14 and up

Two Muslim American ex–best friends must work together to save their Islamic center from demolition, in this YA contemporary romance about rekindling and rebuilding by award-winning authors Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé and Adiba Jaigirdar!
Let’s get one thing straight: this is a love story.


These days, Said Hossain spends most of his time at boarding school. But when his favorite hometown librarian dies, he must return home early for her funeral and for the summer. Too bad being home makes it harder to avoid facing his ex–best friend, Tiwa Olatunji, or facing the daunting task of telling his Bangladeshi parents that he would rather be an artist than a doctor.


Tiwa doesn’t understand what made Said start ignoring her but it’s probably that fancy boarding school of his. Though he’s unexpectedly staying through the summer, she’s determined to continue pretending he doesn’t exist. Besides, she has more than enough going on anyway, between grieving her broken family and helping her mother throw the upcoming Eid celebration at the Islamic center.

Four Eids and a Funeral

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