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Just Say Yes

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Ages: 14 and up

From New York Times bestselling author Goldy Moldavsky comes a rom-com about your average high school senior in search of love . . . and a green card.

When high school senior Jimena Romero discovers that she's undocumented, she decides there's only one way to keep her life on track: marry an American. She has plenty of candidates—her ex-boyfriend, random guys from dating apps, a starry-eyed activist who wants to help out a friend. This doesn't have to be about love.


Of course, marriage (!) is a much bigger deal than Jimena accounted for. It would be so much easier if the perfect, overachieving boy next door, Vitaly, could just do Jimena a favor and be her green card husband, no romantic strings attached. But Vitaly has his own plans for the future, and he's doing his best not to let anything, from love to immigration, derail them.

Just Say Yes


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