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No Time Like Now

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A teen finds himself in a race through and against time in this thought-provoking speculative romp inspired by A Christmas Carol.


It’s been a year since Hazeem’s father passed away and Hazeem got his special ability: He can grant any living thing extra time. Since then, he’s been granting friends and loved ones more years to live—except, turns out none of them want to spend that time with him. Things only get worse when Time themself appears and says Hazeem has accrued a time debt, putting the entire timeline in serious danger of collapsing. In order to fix it, Hazeem must take back the extra life he gave someone. Which unfortunately means he must go back in time to see when and why all his friendships fall apart. As he confronts the events of the past, he realizes just how much time he’s wasted. Maybe when it comes to time, quality is more important to quantity—but is it too late for Hazeem to finally start living?

No Time Like Now

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