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Passion for the Heist

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Publication Date: August 27, 2024

National bestselling author K’wan returns with Passion for the Heist, a gritty, unforgettable novel about love and crime on the streets of New York.

A crime would bring them together, grief would bind them and love would make them famous.


Parish “Pain” Wells is a man freshly reintroduced to society, after serving a deuce in state prison, all alone except for his ailing mother. But when he, in desperation to provide for her, robs a train car one day, he cannot anticipate that he’ll meet the woman who is going to change the course of his life.


Since her parents died, Passion Adams has been moving like a ghost from one day to the next. She numbs her pain with drugs and alcohol, while seeking thrills in unsavory places. When Pain and his partner steal a locket from her dead mother, Passion fights back. Later, when he sees what it contains, he seeks her out to return the locket and the heat between them is undeniable.


So begins the wild ride of Passion and Pain, as they build each other up and tear each other down. Passion finds herself inescapably drawn into Pain’s orbit, but there is no escape from the dark forces in their lives. From wild heists, through incredible adventures and dangerous enemies, Passion and Pain will be the stuff of legend.

Passion for the Heist

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