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Reading Through A Decolonized Lens

Xolo Book Reviews analyzes our used and new books through a decolonized lens. The guiding questions are a starting point in determining how well a book represents and celebrates BIPOC experiences. The books we review earn a rating on the 1- 5 Xolo Scale. It’s essential to critically assess the literature we consume because of its ability to influence beliefs and societal values. Xolo Book reviews are independent of one’s ability to enjoy a book. It’s possible to love a book that would be a one on the Xolo Scale and DNF (Did Not Finish), a book that’s a perfect five. We will continue to grow and adapt this framework to the ever-expanding discourse of decolonization. All reviewed books are available for purchase in our online bookstore.

Does the story or narrative have BIPOC leading characters and perspectives?

If there are BIPOC characters or experiences, are they written through the white-gaze?

Are there white-centered beliefs that the author challenges?

Does the book explore the nuances between the intersections of identities?

The book lacks representation of diverse experiences


The book intentionally includes BIPOC characters and experiences but prioritizes a white-centered narrative


The book’s narrative is comprehensively BIPOC- centered but lacks nuance


Book successfully represents and celebrates nuanced and diverse BIPOC experiences


The book introduces some notes of diversity, but the narrative is predominantly white-centered


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