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It is essential to critically assess the literature we consume and enjoy because of its ability to influence our beliefs and societal values.

Xolo Book Review is not your typical book review. Using the guiding questions below, each Xolo Book Review analyzes a book through a decolonized lens. The books we review earn a 1-5 rating on the Xolo Scale, determining how well it represents and celebrates BIPOC experiences.

Our Guiding Questions:

  • To what extent are there BIPOC leading characters or perspectives?

  • How well does the author avoid writing BIPOC experiences through the white gaze?

  • To what extent does the author challenge white-centered beliefs?

  • How well does the book explore nuances between intersectional identities?

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Submit your book for a Xolo Book Review! 📚

Are you an author with an amazing book you're eager to share? We're thrilled to invite authors of all genres to submit their literary creations for a chance to be reviewed through our Decolonized framework. Submit your request via our form today!

Why choose our blog for your book review?
🔍 Thoughtful Analysis: Our Deconolized Framework is a completely unique metric that delves into a book’s narrative, characters, and more.
🌟 Amplified Exposure: Reach a wider audience as we share our reviews on our blog across our social media channels, connecting your book with readers hungry for new stories.

🛍️ Available At Our Store: Books we review are easier to hand-sell and promote during our pop-up events.

Submitting is easy:
Fill out the simple submission form below, including details about your book.
Let us know if you can provide a physical or digital copy.
Once submitted, someone from our team will reach out and confirm your request

Please note:
⏰ We receive a high volume of submissions, so it might take some time for us to get to yours. Your patience is appreciated.
📖 We accept both traditionally published and self-published books.
💌 While we can't guarantee a positive review, we promise a fair and unbiased assessment of your work.
🗣️ Share the news! If your book gets reviewed on our blog, please spread the word among your author friends and readers.

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