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Latinas Breaking Barriers Flashcards

Latinas Breaking Barriers educational flashcards are a 52 card deck introducing the reader to strong Latina women who have defied the odds and overcome barriers of gender, race, class, and culture to become recognized leaders and role models all around the world in their respective fields.


Filled with colorful images and historical fun facts our youth are provided with the perfect opportunity to embrace their heritage, engage in meaningful dialogue about our past, and learn about the sacrifices prior generations have made so that we could have a better life.

Created by Chicanx Scholars




  • Made with durable cardstock.
  • Each flashcard includes an image on the frontside, and bullet point historical fun facts on the backside.
  • 2.5inches in width x 3.5inches in length.
  • Packages come sealed with shrink film.




1. Ellen Ochoa

2. Sonia Sotomayor

3. Antonia Novello

4. Rita Moreno

5. Martha Bernal

6. Joan Baez

7. Olga Custodio

8. Gabriela Mistral

9. Isabel Allende

10. Eulalia Guzman

11. María Izquierdo 

12. María del Pilar Rolán Tapia 

13. Silvia Torres-Peimbert 

14. Elsa Ávila

15. Katy Jurado  

16. Patricia Guerrero 

17. Diane Trujillo 

18. Daniela Vega 

19. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 

20. Guardian Angel Isa Noyola 

21. Antonia Hernández 

22. Soledad “Lala” Chacón 

23. Evelyn Cisneros 

24. Rigoberta Menchú 

25. Michelle Bachelet 

26. America Ferrera 

27. Christiana Figueres 

28. Sylvia Rivera 

29. Monica Ramírez 

30. Emma González 

31. Sandra Cisneros 

32. Nely Galán 

33. Claudia Paz y Paz 

34. Linda Alvarado 

35. Laura Esquivel 

36. Gilda Perez-Alvarado 

37. Silvia Cardenas Olivas 

38. María Teresa Kumar 

39. Lizzie Velásquez 

40. Chita Rivera 

41. Frances Contreras 

42. Felicitas Méndez 

43. Dolores Huerta 

44. Frida Kahlo 

45. Melba Vasquez 

46. France Córdova 

47. Eva Longoria 

48. Susana Martinez 

49. Catherine Cortez Masto 

50. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen 

51. María Elena Salinas 

52. Paola Longoria 

Latinas Breaking Barriers Flashcards

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