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PRINCESS ACADEMIA, Princess Team Graphic Novel

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Ages: 7-14

Princess Academia stands as a prestigious boarding school, drawing in the brightest princesses from across the galaxies. Within its hallowed halls, these royal beings are organized into quadrants. The Majestics, a select group of princesses endowed with extraordinary magical abilities, include Alora, the enchanting witch princess; Novi, the celestial space princess; Mexica, the regal Aztec princess; Swan, the graceful water princess; and Macab, the enigmatic death princess.


An eerie mystery shrouds Princess Academia. Night after night, princesses mysteriously vanish, and recently, an entire close-knit clique disappeared without a trace. It falls upon the Majestics princess team to uncover the sinister curse that haunts the academy and put an end to its dark power.

PRINCESS ACADEMIA, Princess Team Graphic Novel

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