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RUCA, Chicana Superhero

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Ages: 7-14

Ruca, Chicana Superhero is the fourth book in A LA BRAVA, a Latina superhero universe by Kayden Phoenix.


Ruca made a cameo in SANTA, SJW Latina Superhero, where she unknowingly is given her powers. In this book, we start off with Ruca coming back to East LA only to discover everything's changed. She heads to Whittier Blvd and instead of the usual cruising, there's an art show. There she discovers an activist group called the BB's. They tell her about the stolen neighborhood kids and that word is they take them to San Diego to sell them off. Ruca decides to go to Barrio Logan to find out who's behind the kidnappings and child trafficking. Along the way, she befriends Vato, the pitbull, Pachuca, the b-girl dancer, and the good-natured Chicle.

RUCA, Chicana Superhero

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