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The History of Mexico Flashcards

The History of Mexico educational flashcards are a 52 card deck introducing the reader to the first indigenous civilizations of Mexico, influential leaders and political figures of the Mexican Revolution, and significant events that have forever changed the course of Mexican History.


Filled with colorful images and historical fun facts our youth are provided with the perfect opportunity to embrace their heritage, engage in meaningful dialogue about our past, and learn about the sacrifices prior generations have made so that we could have a better life.

Created by Chicanx Scholars.




  • Made with durable cardstock.
  • Each flashcard includes an image on the frontside, and bullet point historical fun facts on the backside.
  • 2.5inches in width x 3.5inches in length.
  • Packages come sealed with shrink film.




1. Pancho Villa
2. Emiliano Zapata
3. Diego Rivera
4. El Grito
5. Frida Kahlo
6. Miguel Hidalgo
7. The Aztecs
8. Nicolas Bravo
9. The Mayas
10. The Battle of Zacatecas
11. Mexico City Earthquake
12. Cuautemoc
13. Zapatista Movement
14. War of Reform
15. Mexican Revolution
16. Plutarco Elias Calles
17. The Toltecs
18. Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
19. Agustin de Itubide
20. Benito Juarez
21. Moctezuma II
22. Vicente Fox Quezada
23. Francisco Madero
24. The Bracero Program
25. Vicente Guerrero
27. Lazaro Cardenas
28. Maximilian I
29. Roman Catholic Church
30. The Olmecs
31. Summer Olympics 1968
32. Victoriano Huerta
33. Alvaro Obregon
34. Ricardo and Enrique Magon
35. Venustiano Carranza
36. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
37. Juan Diego
38. Juan Alvarez
39. Mexican Border Wall
40. Cantarell Field
41. Jose Maria Morelos
42. Francisco Hernandez de Cordoba
43. Guadalupe Victoria
44. Porfirio Diaz
45. Hernan Cortes
46. Pascual Orozco
47. Felipe Calderon
48. Mexican Peso Crisis
49. Ninos Heroes
50. Mexican American War
51. The Battle of Puebla
52. Ignacio Allende 

The History of Mexico Flashcards

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